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Crossing things off lists

Posted 4/5/2018 9:41am by Shiloh Avery.

The sun and warmth returned to us like an old lover returning from a long voyage, resurrecting the joy and laughter in our hearts.  A lover we can’t help but adore, no matter how long she leaves us.  Weather can do that to a person, you know: beat you down like a lily in a hail storm and make you question everything, only to return and lift you up like it was nothing.  And you can’t even jilt her. She brings with her too much promise.

Irresistible promises like fresh greens, and thriving plants, and crossing things off lists.  Yeah, the weather can do that to.  See how talented she is?  With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of weather suitable for catching up.  And with this year’s family nearly all in place here, we’re crossing things off lists. 

The feeling of crossing things off lists is almost as cherished as the feel of the sun on our long cold faces.  It’s relief, and power all in one: the realization that we can do this!


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