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Daily choreography

Posted 4/19/2018 4:26pm by Shiloh Avery.

Managing a diverse farm is a lot like daily choreography.  We begin with the big picture—the general list of tasks that we need to accomplish.  This, we create on Sundays.  Then each morning we look at the day’s as well as the upcoming temperature, cloud, precipitation, and wind predictions, and pull items from the general list that will make sense to accomplish that day.  Then, of course, we plan how those tasks are going to flow most efficiently—which tasks need to precede which tasks, and how many people are needed to accomplish them—who will be doing what simultaneously.  

When it goes well, it’s as lovely as a well choreographed dance.  It flows impeccably from scene to scene until we’ve come full circle back to the big picture having crossed off many tasks from that list.  But, of course, you know about the rapidly changing weather predictions.  And there’s always that one awkward movement that didn’t quite appear like it did in your head and throws the whole thing off balance.  

It’s a constant occupation. Like a marionette master, you’ve got to pull each string just right and at just the right moment.  It’s one of things we really love about this kind of farming.  There’s no boredom, no stagnation.  You’re always evolving, learning, growing.


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