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Donut Shop Inspiration

Posted 6/25/2019 4:11pm by Shiloh Avery.


 Working the most important job of their lives:)

I stop at Dunkin Donuts on my delivery route on Wednesdays.  Shhhhhh. That’s just between you and me.  Organic farmer at Dunkin Donuts, I know.  But there’s this guy that works there on Wednesday mornings who is an inspiration. 

Vicki at Café 1841 in Lenoir put it this way, “the bible says anybody could be Jesus so you had better treat everybody as if they were Jesus” (she does).  So I don’t know if that’s what the guy at Dunkin Donuts is thinking or acting on—I don’t even know his name (yet)!—but this is how he approaches his work day: like it is the most important job he’s ever going to do.

Now let me assure you that every small business owner believes that their employees are doing the most important work of their lives, and to that small business owner it is!  But I’m pretty sure not all employees of all small businesses believe this.  Except the Dunkin Donuts guy.

That guy is having a great time, working hard, and treating every customer as if they’re the most important person to walk into the store (or drive through the drive through—yes the donut shop has a drive through!).  I absolutely love watching him.  And you know what?  I bet he’s a genuinely happy person.  I know I always leave there with a bigger smile on my face (and it’s not because I’m leaving a donut shop😊).



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