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Compost watching

Posted 8/27/2019 3:34pm by Shiloh Avery.


Isn’t compost amazing?  I mean, have you ever just gotten up close to a pile of rotting anything and watched?  I mean, Thoreau had something there (especially the being supported by a wealthy aunt so he could watch bugs thing).  It’s so amazing!  You get a bird’s eye view of an incredibly efficient industry of breaking things down.  Everyone filling a roll in the big picture, completely unaware (I assume) of how their little part ties in with the other little parts to form the system that returns waste to nature.

I can’t help but assume we’re the same way.  Just plugging along here doing our little farming thing, contributing to a whole that we don’t fully understand.  We fill a little tiny niche in our community, which fills a tiny niche in the world, which fills a tiny niche in the universe, and so on.  I don’t need to understand the whole picture to feel comfortable filling my little niche in my little community.  I’m perfectly content to know I’m a part of your world and you’re a part of mine, and that we somehow fit into a larger picture.



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