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Obviously it's October

Posted 10/1/2019 2:34pm by Shiloh Avery.

I want to excuse my sentence with an apology for being “master of the obvious”, however, it is not at all obvious that it is October 1st today.  I mean, huh?  I try really hard not to complain about the heat so that I don’t feel bad complaining about the cold, and  know I was sort of hoping for a warm September, but it’s October now and the nature of things is that I’m not supposed to wish I were floating the river in October!  But somehow, “feels like 112°” has me eyeing up my tubes with an indecent longing.

I should be waxing poetic about low angles of the sun, and evenings of prosecco on the porch, and lazy Sundays (okay, I admit I had one of those, I just didn’t leave the air conditioning!), but instead I find myself drawn to the subject of sweat.  And continuously screen shotting my weather app, because WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO TALK ABOUT? 



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