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Posted 10/22/2019 4:36pm by Shiloh Avery.

Enjoy this amusing smiling face in this butternut squash

I read this the other day: “How wonderful is it that we laugh because our bodies cannot contain the joy”.  I love to laugh.  Who doesn’t? I love the random acts of funny that people create just for the amusement of others.  This, I believe, is the only true altruism.  Have you heard of Improv Everywhere?  They’re a group of random people that create amusing live acts mostly in New York City just for the amusement of other people.  And how about all the funny memes all over the internet that are created just for our laughter.  The creators don’t even get to see us laugh!  But they create them and send them out into the world anyway. Humor connects us.

I have had complete strangers send me pictures of faces in things, and distant acquaintances send me puns.  I love that people far away from me see an amusing thing out there in the world and think of me and want to share a moment of laughter with me.  Humor can cross distances both physical and political.  I mean, kitten antics are funny in any language and no matter where you stand on the political spectrum.  So, let’s all take a moment together to let the joy escape us in magnificent laughter.  What have we got to lose?


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