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To our farmers market customers and friends

Posted 3/16/2020 7:45pm by Shiloh Avery.


I know, I know, the last thing you want is another email about what someone is doing about Covid-19.  So this is not that (entirely).  But we have been thinking about it.  A lot.  Don’t worry, no matter what you can count on us to do what we do best: grow organic food for our community.  However, we may have to be more creative in how we get that healthy food to you this season. 

Farmers markets across the country are being closed.  I know this makes little sense since farmers markets are hyper-local, and local food direct from your farmer is WAY less handled by WAY FEWER hands (and thus, easier to ensure those hands are clean!).  No decisions have been made about local markets, but it seems very likely that at least some of the markets this season will be cancelled. 

So in order to get all those organic goodies that we’re growing into your hands, we are asking you to join our Harvest Share for the 2020 season.  It is fully customizable.  You’ll still get only the fruits and veggies you love (just like farmers market).  We’ll custom harvest and pack it here at the farm then deliver to a convenient pick-up location near you.  It’s really easy. 

Here we are, seeds already sown, health-promoting organic fruits and veggies already growing—just like every spring.  Then along comes Covid-19 and so many things that we took for granted—like community health—turn out to be more fragile than we thought.  We’ve always recognized our role in creating a healthy community, but suddenly it just feels more critical.


You can sign up here: http://www.harvie.farm/signup/tumbling-shoals-farm and you can find more information here.



Here's how it works: you sign up and pay for your share now (at least in some part-no need to pay it all at once, although there are benefits to that), set your veggie preferences, and then start receiving a box of the freshest, most delicious, custom harvested and packed veggies beginning in May all the way to mid September!  Our harvest share is now fully customizable so you only get veggies you love (and you're more likely to eat them).  Going on vacation? No problem, put your share on vacation hold.

Want to help keep Tumbling Shoals Farm in existence but just can't commit to a full season?  No worries, this year, we'll have an option to sign up for our virtual Farm Stand.  By signing up for Farm Stand, you'll still set your veggie likes/dislikes, and the you'be put on a list. Whenever we have extra produce available, we'll let you know through email and you can purchase a share (or not) whenever our supplies and your desires match up!  We'll still deliver to those convenient locations just like you were a full time member.  Now, because it's difficult to plan for add on members and because we're much less likely to get our boxes returned, there is a small extra charge per box, so it's a way better deal to become a harvest share member, but I just wanted you to know that this option will become available.  The option is not there yet, but I wanted you to know about it in case you're considering your options.



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