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True Grit

Posted 5/4/2020 10:36am by Shiloh Avery.

Eating like a farmer

I think I slept for over ten hours this past Saturday night.  The craziness must have finally got to me and I had to shut down.  Our friends at Bear Creek Farm in northern Michigan tracked the number of emails sent this past week (241) and the number of phone calls (127).  There’s no way I’m doing that, but I get the sentiment.  We’re wondering if we need to hire more help while wondering if we can afford to keep the people we’ve got.  We’re thinking about doubling a crop planting in the morning and worried about sales in the afternoon, all while trying to stay up-to-date with accurate information to help us feed our community as safely as possible.  All peppered with a healthy dose of intense gratitude and not a small amount of fear.  It’s exhausting and sometimes feels like this isn’t what I signed up for.

Except that it is exactly what I signed up for.  It’s time to remind myself that this is why I love my job: the constant learning, pivoting, adapting and improving.  It’s never boring!  Just when you think you’re going to sail smoothly (we never actually think that, but still…), mother nature or some other thing throws a new challenge your way.  It’s always changing and this time isn’t really that different.  This is when we draw on the grit that got us 13 years into this farm in the first place.  It’s never been easy.  But we are already intimate with challenge and are still here after all these years. And so I take a deep breath, eat a delicious meal off the farm, and remind myself that we shall overcome.



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