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Posted 8/31/2020 1:18pm by Shiloh Avery.

With this kind of weather dominating our year, no wonder I'm dreaming about coffee!

I had a dream the other night.  It was fully adorned with all the silly strange thickness of dreams, but I think it bore a bit of a lesson too.  In said dream, I was a farmer. That much seems reasonable.  But a customer called and wanted a coffee and to purchase a muffin.  Being the “yes” person that I am, I complied.  Or at least I tried to.

I put the muffin on a plate and made it presentable, poured the coffee into a paper cup, but I had no lid.  No worries, it wasn’t far to the customer’s office where I would deliver the goods.  But in true dreamlike fashion, the short jaunt turned epic.  I got distracted while waiting for the elevator (one person at a time in the elevator, so it was a long wait) and absentmindedly set down the muffin somewhere.  Then, when I finally got a place in the elevator, I spilled the coffee, only to arrive on the customer’s floor with only a half a cup of now cold coffee in hand.

Sigh.  I think I should probably stick to farming.  And sometimes, the answer just shouldn’t be “yes”.

Here's what we we're harvesting this week:

Green Beans (stringless): $3.50/pound

Baby Lettuce Salad Mix: $4/5-oz compostable container or 2/$7

Okra: $2/pint

Aji Dulce peppers: $3/pint

Shishito peppers: $3/pint

Tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Beefsteak, German Johnson, Margold, and a handful of green zebra): $2.95/pound

Ripe Sweet Italian Peppers (red, orange, and yellow): $4.50/pound

Ripe Sweet Bell Peppers (red and yellow): $4.50/pound

Eggplant: $2.75/pound

Green peppers: $3.00/pound

Purple bell peppers: $3.50/pound

Poblano Peppers: $3.50/pound

"Hatch" (New Mexican) chiles: $3.50/pound

Chiles (Jalapeno, serrano, chilaca, cherry bomb, cayenne, Aleppo, lemon,  a few Aji Amarillo, and probably a few I forgot): $.25 each


We'll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market in Building A 8am-12:30 and at the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market 330 Main Ave NW  Wednesday 10am-2pm and Saturday 8am-1pm, and the Watauga County Farmers Market in Boone 8-noon.  



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