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Holding Pattern

Posted 10/6/2020 6:46am by Shiloh Avery.


Long journey ahead for this monarch

It’s only October, but the change of seasons is bringing some sense of hope that just moving forward will bring a beneficial change.  This year has felt like one large American Ninja challenge and our metaphorical arms are getting tired of holding the weight of everything.  We’re exhausted.   Little things require vast effort. 

We keep putting one foot in front of the other as if we’re sure there’s some sort of unseen destination that lay ahead.  Mondays come, we stumble through tasks, Tuesdays are a long day and suddenly Wednesday market/delivery day is here.  Wednesday again ends late and then it’s Thursday.  What are we doing on Thursday?  Oh yeah, more stumbling through tasks and then it’s Friday harvest and pack day which runs directly into Saturday the 3:45am long day, and too soon comes the end of Sunday-the relax day.

One foot in front of the other. Carrying the weight of the world and trying to survive in our little corner of it.  Routine and repeat. We’ll keep going through the motions with blind faith that there is an end coupled with a new beginning. We’re in a holding pattern.   

Here's what we're harvesting for you this week:

Radishes: $2.75/bunch

Baby Bok Choy: $3.95/pound

Scallions: $2/bunch

Fresh baby ginger with tops: $6.95/pound

Fresh baby turmeric: $1/ounce

Ripe Sweet Italian Peppers (red, orange, and yellow): $4.50/pound

Ripe Sweet Bell Peppers (red and yellow): $4.50/pound

Hakurei salad turnips: $3/bunch

Kale (limited): $3/bunch

Rainbow Chard (limited): $3/bunch

Collard Greens (limited): $3/bunch

Chiles (Jalapeno, serrano, chilaca, cherry bomb, cayenne, Aleppo, lemon,  a few Aji Amarillo, and probably a few I forgot): $.25 each

Ghost chiles: $1 each



We'll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market in Building A 8am-12:30 and at the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market 330 Main Ave NW  Wednesday 10am-2pm and Saturday 8am-1pm, and the Watauga County Farmers Market in Boone 8-noon.  



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