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Ode to October

Posted 10/27/2020 4:45pm by Shiloh Avery.


Ode to October.

Oh October, the light hanging low

Just brushing the brilliant colors in the trees,

Shadows long,

Sweatshirts in the mornings, sleeveless in the afternoon.

My gratitude builds with each ray of sunshine,

Even filtered through whimsical clouds. Bees are busy foraging the last of the blooms,

But my pantry is already stocked

And there’s time to just enjoy.

Porches were made for these days.

A slow down, a tucking in,

A satisfaction of a job near complete,

Of people fed.

This is October.


Here's what we're harvesting for you this week:

Radishes: $2.75/bunch

Carrots: $5/bunch

Celery: $3.75/bunch

Baby Bok Choy: $3.95/pound

Scallions: $2/bunch

Hakurei salad turnips: $3/bunch

Arugula: $3.50/compostable container

Rainbow Chard (very limited): $3/bunch

Collard Greens (very limited): $3/bunch

Romaine lettuce: $3.50/head

Spinach: $5/ 1/2-lb bag

Cilantro: $2/bunch


We'll be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market in Building A 8am-12:30 and at the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market 330 Main Ave NW  Wednesday 10am-2pm and Saturday 8am-1pm, and the Watauga County Farmers Market in Boone 8-noon.  




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