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A love affair with dirt

Posted 6/29/2015 6:47pm by Shiloh Avery.

We dug this year’s first potatoes today. Nothing brings you back to the fundamentals of organic farming as sifting through soil for those little nuggets of treasure that are potatoes. I mean, people often ask me “what is organic farming?” It’s a complicated answer, for sure, but on the most basic fundamental level, it’s growing dirt.  

I love dirt. Maybe it’s true that everything I needed to know I learned before I even began school. I learned to love dirt. It’s so much more than the stuff we stand on, and the stuff we try to wash out of our clothes. It’s a whole world of living organisms down there, most of which we can’t even see.  

As organic farmers, we depend on these invisible creatures for our sustenance and our livelihood. We are tasked with caring for critters we’re only half aware exist. Without them, our crops couldn’t even access the nutrients we provide for them. It’s a bit nerve wracking—depending so entirely on things you cannot see. But they’re precisely why I love dirt so much.  

At its best, dirt is full of mystery and promise. It stands sentry to our whims, at the ready with the answer to our perpetual question, “what’s for dinner?”



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