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Posted 5/13/2013 5:33pm by Shiloh Avery.

drowning spinach


tomatoes under frost blanket tent

late frost (tomatoes under frost blanket tent)


the enlarging to-do list


We do our best to control whatever we can here.  Don’t we all?  Unpredictable spring cold snaps?  We erected some hoop houses (unheated greenhouses) to protect the crops, and bought frost blankets for the crops left out in the field.  Too much rain on sensitive crops?  We built “umbrellas” to fool them into thinking it was California.  Well California it is not.  And this year, Mother Nature is doing her best to thwart our attempts to control her whims.  For the crops that can no longer be rained on, she sent floods to sneak in beneath the umbrellas.  A little hail for the crops that have been thriving in this wet and cool weather.  And how about a late heavy frost to challenge even our most valiant efforts to protect the sensitive babies?  So we scramble and delay and do our best to breathe life into the farm.  Each weather challenge adds a whole new set of tasks to our perpetual “to-do” list, and each delay makes the list even longer.  We spend each waking moment, and more than plenty of our sleeping (or should be sleeping) moments changing plans and solving problems, doing our best to “out-think” nature.  We’ve had to put much of our other “thinking” life on auto-pilot for the moment.  Just yesterday I opened the cabinet to obtain an aspirin for a burgeoning headache, but I was thinking about frost protection for baby tomatoes.  Auto-pilot dictated that when I open the cabinet, I get out a toothbrush and toothpaste and brush my teeth.  Thus, I found my teeth sparkling clean for the second time that morning.  After all, good dental hygiene is important.



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