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Posted 10/24/2016 6:48pm by Shiloh Avery.

A lot of "lasts" happening now.  Last pepper harvest (is that a pepper in your pocket...?)

I had a backwards kind of day.  One of the last gorgeous October days and I spent it mostly in the office.  When I started seeing double and my body began aching for use I walked away.  I walked out into the waxing sun and cloudless day.  And breathed in the inspiration.  The love of using my body for practical work-the work of coaxing life from the soil.   While bills and email and accounting are necessary tasks, they are not the inspiration for this career choice.  

Why did I tackle these tasks in the wrong order?  Trading the sun for the screen and spending sunset instead working outside on the farm.  Today, logic did not prevail. But the dregs of sunshine and movement were enough to push me back to the present and the enjoyment of this job.


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