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Better "just on time" than never

Posted 4/8/2013 4:18pm by Shiloh Avery.


Pigs telling secrets

pigs with mud pants

A pig with "pants"


I know I don’t need to mention that it was snowing and sleeting only four days ago. It’s all the rage in the small talk circles.  But how can I not???  As farmers, we are so completely at the mercy of the weather that it’s hard to leave the craziest weather changes unmentioned.  We were preparing a hoop house for tomato planting while it was snowing and sleeting.  Said tomatoes were actually scheduled to go into the ground three weeks ago, but after last year’s damage, we’re erring on the “precious little baby tomatoes” side of things.  So we planted them finally today, three weeks “late.”  That’s kind of the thing on the farm.  There’s not really a “late” per se.  It’s a little loophole that we live in.  There’s “early” and “right on time”, but never late.  So I hope you’ll understand when we show up “right on time” with our crops a few weeks later than planned.  As it turns out, you just can’t plan on the weather.



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