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Betting on rain boots

Posted 6/10/2013 4:57pm by Shiloh Avery.

Nathan harvesting in the rain

Nathan harvesting lettuc in the rain

Mitch in the rain

Mitch in the rain


A month or so ago this season started to look a little too reminiscent of the 2009 year of the flood (what was the Chinese zodiac sign that year?  The water buffalo?).  Tired of wet feet, Nathan decided to go get himself a pair of rubber boots.  Always the gambler, Jason promised to buy those boots for Nathan if, after he bought them, the season dried up.  Sometimes with superstition, a farmer feels like it just can’t hurt to err on the superstitious side.  And for a week or so, it looked like it was going to pay off.  But here lately, well….it looks more like the investment in boots is going to pay off for Nathan’s feet.  Really, if you’ve been praying for rain, stop it!  We are floating around the farm here.  The mud is getting so deep that Nathan’s actually likely to lose those new boots in it.  Alas, what can a farmer do about the weather except bet on rain boots.


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