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Big Sky

Posted 9/13/2010 6:45pm by Shiloh Avery.
Jason building hoop house beneath big sky Okra beneath big sky


I know it’s only September but the sun is in a dramatic mood.  It’s the preview for things to come, I’m sure, but it’s as if the sun is cutting off its nose to spite its face, moving slightly aside so the sky can solo for a while.  And the sky, well, it puffed out its chest and stepped right up to the challenge.  No longer content to play the backdrop, it put on its makeup and is standing out on its own.  I can’t help but be awestruck as I reach up for the okra that now towers above us.  Even the wispy clouds have gussied up nicely, putting on a freshly laundered shade of white to excellent effect.  I want to applaud, but perhaps the neighbors might think that a bit eccentric?  If this is just the opening act for autumn though, autumn has its work cut out for it.



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