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Posted 5/28/2012 4:48pm by Shiloh Avery.

market stand

Come see us in Hickory! (in my relaxed state today, I failed to take a single picture!)


We rely on brakes more than we think about.  Of course we don’t think about brakes. Just as we don’t think about breathing or walking, we don’t think about brakes.  It would be a whole lot of unnecessary brain activity if we did, and it seems to me that we need all the room up there we can afford.  We just careen through life under the assumption that brakes will be there when we need them.  And lo and behold, the brakes were there when I needed them yesterday.  It wasn’t a verbal agreement to more or less take the day off.  But we’d been pushing so hard for the last few weeks (as every May and June), living on coffee, arugula, and adrenaline, and less and less sleep we could never quite catch up on.  So yesterday arrived in the usual panicked list making frenzy, but just when we needed them, the brakes were there.  And we hit them hard.  We took the day off.  Not to do anything special (well, laundry and house cleaning are kind of special), but to be slow and lazy and well, placid.  And today was surprisingly smooth and relaxed, despite doing nothing productive yesterday, and  a great many things were crossed of the list.  A lesson learned?  Maybe…


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