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Canning is an aphrodisiac

Posted 8/9/2010 7:45pm by Shiloh Avery.
Tumbling Shoals Farm is certified organic!
Tumbling Shoals Farm is certified organic!!!

Jason roasting peppers in the chile roaster
Jason roasting peppers in our chile roaster (which will make an appearance at the Boone Farmers market this year)


Every year, probably in August, I wax poetic about the changing of the seasons.  There is a strange tug on my awareness in August.  For me, aside from the obvious changes of spring and fall, August is the most distinct change of seasons.  Partly a relief (harvesting okra is finally a stand up job), partly a sigh as August spells the demise of cucumbers and most of the tomatoes, and partly a bubble of anticipation as my favorite summer crop begins to ripen.  The jilted sun, angry over the coming cold shoulder shrug of the earth, glares down upon us with preemptive vengeance as we slog through the days, its narrowed eyes ever slightly askew with a hint of an end.   August hints also toward the end of long hard days but also the end of the sweet tongue tingling sensations of summer, the end of counters and refrigerators overflowing with a mind boggling array of fresh delights screaming “eat me!”  This looming end brings on an animal instinct to squirrel away food for the winter.  While friends are staying up late enjoying the last warm summer nights, we stay up too late to bustle around in the kitchen freezing, canning, and drying whatever  overflowing fresh delights we can gather.  Seriously, a rocking Saturday night at Tumbling Shoals Farm is okra pickles and several quarts of canned tomatoes.  Who knew food preservation could be such entertainment!




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