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Captivation Conspiracy

Posted 10/22/2012 5:58pm by Shiloh Avery.

fast fall colors

Have I mentioned how much I love October in North Carolina?  A few wine shoppe Wednesdays ago (is that like dog years?), we found ourselves elatedly enamored with the North Carolina weather and many a toast was made.  Well it may be cool at night and the crops growing slowly, could the days be any more divine? And now, the colors!  I know there’s a scientific explanation for all of this, but I prefer the majesty.  Sometimes it’s just more magnificent shrouded in mystery.  It’s as if some playful child cracked open several different cans of warm colored paint and spilled them all at the top of the mountain, and they are oozing their way down to us.  75 degree days edge us outside to feast our eyes.  Once again, nature conspires to captivate us.  Just in case we were tempted to feel gloomy about the winding down of the growing season (I’m not) and the approaching cold and potential wetness, nature stuns us into submission with its magnificent light show.  We’ll all be sure to ease into winter now with a smile pasted on our faces. Okay, I say, bring it on:  I can head into winter this way.


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