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Catching up

Posted 5/20/2013 6:37pm by Shiloh Avery.


cleaning up frost blankets

Gretchen and Shannon folding up frost blankets

Nathan planting peppers

Nathan planting one of 2880 peppers

Shannon mulching

Shannon mulching before planting a thousand winter squash


I finally did it.  The boxes have been sitting there for a month—in limbo.  But I’m calling it.  Cold is over.  Well, at least cold that calls for frost blankets and long johns.  Today, I busted out the shorts, put away the wool sweaters and removed all evidence of frost protection from the fields.  Now, it’s time to play catch up.  Time to tackle that ever enlarging to-do list.  It’s amazing how much time we spent this year just putting out and removing frost blankets and all the related equipment.  I wish now I had added it up so I’d have a ready-made justification for how behind we are.  But after last Tuesday’s 28 degrees, we’re putting all that behind us.  We’ve brought in the reinforcements and kicked it into high gear to make up for the loss.  Last week, we just about cleaned out the greenhouse that was backed up and overflowing.  I think big jobs should get two spots on the list.  Last Wednesday, we planted 2880 pepper plants but only got to cross that one job off from the list.  It hardly seems fair to have busted our butts all day long and only get to cross off one thing.  It’s not near enough reward for all that work.  So even though it makes the list look yet even longer, I’m writing this week’s big jobs on there twice so we can have twice the satisfaction in crossing them off. Now if only it stops raining long enough…


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