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Chalk another one up for August

Posted 8/24/2009 7:41pm by Shiloh Avery.
Chamber of commerce tomato tasting
Tumbling Shoals Farm hosts a "tomato
tasting" for the Wilkes Chamber of
Commerce (wouldn't you know we ended
up between tomato plantings!)
Our "parking lot" for the tomato tasting
Our hay field becomes a parking lot for
the tomato tasting event.


I caught myself referring to this season in the past tense the other day.  Oops.  Not that there aren’t parts of this season that I’d like to put behind me, but we are heading into PEPPER season for crying out loud (not to mention the greens growing in the fall garden)!  At market on Saturday morning(after rising at 4:30 am),  I found myself actually smiling to myself before 7a.m., before I even finished my coffee, even giggling a little perhaps, as I placed those beautiful sweet treasures in their box.  Then, as I caught myself smiling, that made me smile even more.  Chalk up another point for August!  It’s time for our grill to be constantly occupied with various shapes and shades of roasting peppers.  They show up in the scrambled eggs, in the lunchtime sandwich, an afternoon snack, and in various forms for dinner.  And they never overstay their welcome.



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