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Posted 5/9/2011 7:23pm by Shiloh Avery.

newly planted tomatoes underneath their umbrella
Newly planted tomatoes underneath their umbrella

There is a sarcastic saying for desiring credit for something ordinary: “do you want a cookie for that?” I admit, I always want a cookie for accomplishing ordinary tasks.  It doesn’t matter that it’s in the job description and that it is expected of me, I still want that acknowledgement.  Hey Jason, did you notice I did a load of laundry? Yes I’d like a cookie for that. Hey!  Did you see I hoed a row? Yes I’d like a cookie for that. You get the picture.  Well, recently, it seems, that figurative cookie has been arriving in the dough, so to speak.  Twice already in the past couple of weeks, Brooke has brought over cookies for no apparent reason.  And then today, just when my tummy was a-grumblin’ and I started eying up the strawberry field for snacks, our neighbors brought us cookies!  Alas, your strawberries remained safe (for the moment).


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