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Posted 8/10/2015 6:43pm by Shiloh Avery.

The 2015 farmily on Sonia and Nathan's last day

And then there were 4. Sonia and Nathan have gone back to their student lives, and left the rest of us here to crawl around, our old bones aching, to harvest yet another tomato. Kyle was sick today so Sage, Jason and I literally crawled around on our knees for 8 straight hours. How do babies do that? Oh wait, they take naps.  

That’s a lost art: napping. Or a lost cause. Some days we like to play anthropologist here on the farm (and so days we like to play anthropormorphist), and today was one of those days. Today, as we scrambled in our suddenly 3 person team, we discussed how other cultures move so much more slowly and so much less consistently. Like there’s no pressure to get it all done. Like everything can just stop because it’s clearly too hot, or raining, and that everyone intrinsically knows this protocol.  

Today was not too hot or raining or too anything but shorthanded. Should we have just stopped, shrugged our shoulders and waited to work until we had enough people? Skipped market because we just couldn’t get it harvested? No. Instead, we crawled, because our society doesn’t stop. It doesn’t wait.  



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