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Cucumber cocktails and the finer things in farm life

Posted 6/5/2017 7:20pm by Shiloh Avery.

Cucumber cocktails

I really enjoy cucumber cocktails.  And fresh salad every night. And herbed pasta.  And radish sandwiches. And tomato sandwiches.  And raw sweet pepper snacks.  And blueberry crème tart.  And flash fried shishitos.  And blackberry cabernet sorbet. And…well, you get the picture.  I like to eat!  We call it the “fringe benefit of farming”, but really it’s half the reason we chose this career.  

I love the fields as a muse.  I spend hours each day tending to the many different crops, conjuring up different concoctions with all the ingredients on the farm in all kinds of crazy combinations.  I spend each Tuesday evening in a dreamy state, immersed in recipes.  

Wednesday is Jaclyn’s birthday and despite peanut butter chocolate being her favorite flavors, she instead requested desserts from the farm, and we neither grow peanuts nor cacao.  Don’t tell her, but Jason made her strawberry rhubarb pie and I made her cucumber-lime-mint sorbet (which inspired the cucumber cocktail).  

These are relatively small things, but things that keep us loving our job and our place in this world.  The days that end, even if they end late and we’re dead tired, with ridiculously gourmet tasting treats from ingredients that we coaxed from the earth with our own hands. Things that we can share with you, who, by purchasing our produce, keep us rooted to this place and to this work.  Thank you for that. 





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