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Deep roots

Posted 9/12/2011 5:01pm by Shiloh Avery.

Jason hauling in shade cloth for the winter
Jason hauling in shade cloth for the winter

I hate to give you the idea that we’re winding down since we still have two months left of production, but that’s the mood around here lately.  The inevitable deconstruction has started.  The early tomato trellises have come down,  landscape fabric pulled up and stored for the winter, crop debris is disked in and cover crops sown.  The air around us is a big sigh-both in relief and sadness-as we head into this season’s swan song and our little Tumbling Shoals Farm family slowly departs one by one.  Ahhh, the cycle of farm life I think to myself rather dramatically, but it’s true.  Each year, young people will march through our lives like ants at a picnic and then depart, carrying little pieces of our hearts with them as they go.  When I was younger, I always preferred to be the one leaving rather than the one left behind.  Then, at least, there was the downy distraction of adventure and newness.  But as I age, I find that I prefer the perennial comfort of deep roots as I watch others move on wide-eyed to the next adventure in life.



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