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Didn't see that coming

Posted 10/28/2013 7:52pm by Shiloh Avery.


carrots devastated by deer carrots devasted by deer


Deer are a factor on our farm.  A fact of life we have become accustomed to.  We think we know their habits and their hierarchy of tastes.  First sweet potatoes, then beets and chard, then strawberries, etc.  Turns out they like lettuce a lot too.  But never, never have they messed with carrots.  Until we made them mad.  We dug the measly sweet potato crop and mowed the vines, then we covered up the chard that they had been enjoying quite heartily.  And we put deer netting on the sides of the strawberry tunnels so they couldn’t get in there to eat those either.  Honestly, we left them a lot to eat.  There was still the remainder of the lettuce planting that they took out earlier, after all.  But no, we took away their favorites.  So, in retaliation (I can only imagine), they decimated the entire beautiful carrot planting.  I happened by there the next day and had to go ask Jason if he’d already harvested the carrots.  They were pulled entirely from the ground. Some remnants were scattered around.  It looked like a stampede had run through those beds.  Even the drip irrigation tape was scattered as if someone had been in there harvesting.  The best carrot stand we’ve had in years, completely gone.  Hours later I was still picking my jaw up off from the ground.  Wow, I just didn’t see that coming.


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