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Digging deep

Posted 6/4/2019 5:48pm by Shiloh Avery.


We’ve been pushing hard to catch up this spring after the wind damage set us back.  It’s a physical job on the laziest of days, but when you’re behind, it’s at least doubly so.  Everyone dug deep and worked crazy hard to get us here.  We owe the success of the crops to them.  I don’t always know how best to express this to them, so I’m putting it to you.  Please reply and tell the Tumbling Shoals farmily what this farm and the food they produce on it means to you!  And thanks for being the reason we do this! 


Here's what we're harvesting for you this week:

Zephyr squash: $2.25/pound

Zucchini: $2.25/pound

Broccoli: $4/pound

Fennel: $3.95/pound

Celery: $3.75/bunch

Green curly kale: $3/bunch

Collard Greens: $3/bunch

Rainbow Chard: $3/bunch

Cucumbers: $2.95/pound

Baby lettuce salad mix: $3.50/compostable 5oz container

Radishes: $2.75/bunch

Tomatoes: $3.45/pound

Japanese Scallions: $2/bunch

Parsley: $2/bunch 

Cilantro: $2/bunch



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