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Eating seasonally

Posted 7/11/2011 8:32pm by Shiloh Avery.

Tomatoes ripening on the vine
Truly vine ripened tomatoes

In Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Barbara Kingsolver put it something  like this (I lent the book out so I can’t look up exactly how she said it: we eat it like mad, sometimes three times a day while it’s here until we think we can’t eat it anymore, but then we miss it for a whole year until it’s in season again.  That’s what eating seasonally meant to her family.  What does it mean for ours?   No, it doesn't mean eating only during the growing season though sometimes it feels like that with the lack of fresh veggies.It does mean “what’s for supper” involves eyeing up the fields to see what’s ready.  It means sometimes planning outrageously decadent meals when we harvest while hungry.  It means some sort of green (kale, chard, etc.) from May until now when I am finally casting a wary eye at them. It means purple…well you know…during beet season (if you’ve never eaten enough beets to experience that, you definitely should! It’s a sight to behold.)   It means a month of zephyr squash and goat cheese omelettes (wait, I’m not tired of those yet!). It means lettuce salads that morph into cucumber salads with the rise in temperatures.  And now, announcing the arrival of summer, are tomatoes at last.  We rely on these tomatoes to let us know when summer has arrived since we can no longer rely on the weatherman (I mean, 95 degrees in April is enough to mess with anyone’s senses!).  And they are hear, with the appropriate amount of heat associated with summer in North Carolina, but at least I’ve got my tomato cucumber sandwich at lunch to cool me down.


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