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Posted 8/17/2015 5:55pm by Shiloh Avery.

The "Emergenc-ees" (Elliot and Eli) rescuing us today at the farm

We value the “farmily” above all else. I like to tell them that they are the most valuable tool on the farm, but since “tool” became an insult, I’ve had to choose other words. We can’t do this without them. This is why we call them “farm superheroes”. Because they continually save us from the impossible tyranny that farming can impose.

That was evidenced more than ever last week as we found ourselves shorthanded and began triage. Some things just have to get left unharvested or undone. Kyle and Sage were wonderful and supportive and very superhero-like: working late every day, and carrying the weight of the “missing” farmily member, but without that fifth person we were supposed to have this time of year, there just isn’t enough time to get it all done.  

But today, we got rescued. Elliot and Eli (I call them the “emergenc-ees”) came down the mountain in a whirlwind of energy and saved us from the relentless cruelty of the ticking clock. It was amazing. We blew through our list, allowing a (perhaps temporary) sense of “normalcy” to return to the farm. The crew quit at 4:30 like they’re supposed to, I got to run the broken down gator to the repair shop, and here we are at a reasonable time: writing this blog and cooking supper, with a hope for a reasonable bed time. Sighs of relief abound.  



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