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emerging from incommunicado

Posted 4/9/2010 12:29pm by Shiloh Avery.

Shiloh with organic certification application

Shiloh with the organic certification application!


I have only this to ask: how did it get to be April 9th?  Whew.  This transition of ours into full production capacity just whisked March away like Cinderella to the ball.  But this time when the clock struck April, I’m suddenly part of a four person team and have crossed so many things off my list that I find myself sitting here at the computer on a pleasantly rainy day emerging from my shell of incommunicado.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my propensity for lists.  Oh boy.  I love to make lists.  Lists litter my office, my pockets, my kitchen table, my vehicles.  But more than making lists, I love to cross things off from the lists I make.  There is an inevitable joy, a disparate power associated with the crossing off from the list.  So powerful is this feeling that if I perchance do something that wasn’t on my list, I actually write it on there after the fact just so I don’t miss out on the crossing off. 

With the arrival of our two new employees and with the transition to Jason full time on the farm, I’ve had an absolute ecstatic week in the “crossing off” department.  Enough that I spent the afternoon digging through the mountain of paperwork in my office and catching up with the instantaneous communication from weeks ago.  In that mountain, I found several old and current lists that provided incalculable joy as I crossed off item and item.  Whoopee!

In the whisking away of March, and the quickly approaching harvest season, I have failed to let you know that the April 2nd deadline for Harvest Share sign up is arbitrary and thus, completely ignorable.  I still have about 10 shares available if you or anyone you know is still interested in being a part of our growing harvest share community.  We are especially hopeful that folks in the Elkin/Thurmond/Roaring Gap area are interested because we need a few more shares to make it possible to carry out the McRitchie Winery/Elkin drop off on Thursdays.  Or a drop at Lifeskills Martial Arts in North Wilkesboro on Thursdays is still a possibility if we have enough interested folks.  It’s looking to be a fabulous production season this year and we are very excited about the prospects of some fabulous flavored nutritiously rich organic food coming out of the fields.  I, for one, am ready for my spring green tonic.  I’m tired of canned, frozen, and otherwise stored veggies!  For more information including a description of a sample full share in July, check out http://www.tumblingshoalsfarm.com/content/1887.


For those of you who requested pictures of the inside of our little house, I've (finally) posted those! You can check them out at http://www.tumblingshoalsfarm.com/slideshow/505


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