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Fake it til you make it

Posted 6/9/2014 4:53pm by Shiloh Avery.

Lizzy and Lacey pounding posts for our pepper trellis

There is this Andy Warhol hipster hang-about in the book I’m reading, The Flamethrowers, who meets a waitress in a diner in Hoboken who is actually a sociologist studying the lifestyle of people in jobs like waiting tables at a diner in Hoboken. It’s like she’s playing the part of a waitress. Like a performance, except for research. In Sociology, we call that a “participant observation.” She says, “I infiltrate to study this world.” The Andy Warhol hipster hang-about is curious and decides to play the part too and gets the job the sociologist leaves when her research is finished, but then she becomes “authentic.” The lifestyle part she is playing infiltrates her.

There have been days when I feel like that is exactly what happened to me. Did you know I have a degree in sociology? Yep. And did you know there is a whole branch of sociology called “rural sociology”? Indeed. There used to be a lot of days when I felt like I was just playing the part of a farmer in order to study the lifestyle, jargon, etc. Or maybe those were the days when I hoped I was just studying this career and lifestyle in order to write a book about it and teach a class in rural sociology.

I sometimes find it hard to answer the common question of “how did you get into farming?” Sort of by accident? I guess I just played the part of being a farmer until the lifestyle infiltrated me and I became “authentic.” The same way I learned French, or became the farm mechanic, just “fake it until you make it”.



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