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Posted 2/8/2012 3:32pm by Shiloh Avery.

happy farmily
Last year's "farmily"

It’s February. You already knew that, didn’t you—every store reminds you of it: the month of wine and flowers and chocolate.  The month of love and romance. For us though, it’s the time of re-birth of the family.  A family we get annually.  A friend of ours refers to this annual family as the “farmily”. Each year, we “adopt” a new crop of aspiring farmers, work hard together under some pretty intense conditions, sweat, laugh and cry together, get to know each other as well as (or better than) family, only to find ourselves waving and smiling at the end of each season as they drive off into the sunset-into their own lives and endeavors.  And then February comes again and we begin finding our new family.  It’s all part of the farming cycle.  New seeds, new faces.



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