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Farming is not a romantic act, but it's still pretty fun

Posted 2/26/2014 1:24pm by Shiloh Avery.


romantic farm fashion realistic farm fashion

Farm fashion: I think I pretty much nailed it, don't you?


I remember reading an article once about second career farmers. All the folks the reporter interviewed had just left other jobs to farm. They all more or less cited a move toward and quieter and simpler life as their motivation. I suppose I’ve been doing this too long to remember if I ever held a romantic view of the farm life. No, who am I kidding. Of course I once held a romantic view of organic farming. One that likely involved more sitting on the porch and far less aching backs. One that involved more lemonade in the shade and far less sweat and grime in the summer; more L.L. Bean sweaters and hot tea and far fewer mismatched layers and wind-burned faces in the winter. But here I sit, firmly entrenched in the dirty, sweaty, achy, mismatched and wind-burned reality, counting my blessings anyway that, thanks to you, I get to do this every day.




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