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Fashion Sense

Posted 9/17/2012 4:42pm by Shiloh Avery.

creek restoration project
Installing the log we drug out of the woods (our creek bank restoration project)

You may have been told at some point that fashion doesn’t make a difference in who you are.  Well, I’m beginning to disagree with that.  When I was in the Peace Corps in Madagascar, I spent a lot of time in various types of sandals and flip flops.  It was hot and seemed the most practical.  I also felt sort of fat, slow and lazy.  Probably because I was!  Then I went to the big city one day and bought me a pair of fake brand name tennis shoes.  As soon as I got back home I put those shiny shoes on and suddenly I felt like an athlete.  Not only did I feel like an athlete, I took off and went for a run!  If you don’t know me, you might not understand how positively shocking it would be to see me running (unless there’s something very big and scary chasing me which, of course, would be just as shocking). 

I’ve noticed this phenomenon on the farm as well.  I don’t wear sandals on the farm, even when it is hot, because I tend to be a little more timid in my work habits.  So last week, we had to move this gigantic tree (20’ long and about 20” average diameter) across this STEEP and slippery hillside.  This was going to take a bit of, um pardon my French (it’s okay, I speak French), badassery.  So I put on my rugged boots and thick Carhart pants and, you guessed it, I felt solid, stalwart and tough as nails.  I put everything I had into that tree (and subsequently didn’t have much left the rest of the week!).  But by golly, the four of us moved that monster across that hillside and now it’s installed in the creek. 


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