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Posted 8/12/2013 5:21pm by Shiloh Avery.

Nathan and Gretchen planting kale

Things are looking up!  We dried out enough to get into the fields to plant fall crops.


I am an escape artist.  Just call me Houdini.  Well, no, not that kind of escape artist.  I am the kind of escape artist whose motto is “when the going gets tough, the tough read fiction.”  Lots of fiction.  Lots of young adult dystopian fiction.  I dive into those dystopian worlds with fervor greater than that with which I dive into peppers.  And that’s saying something.  But you see, the problems and challenges in those worlds are tangible and far greater than any we might face here on the farm.  And the heroes of young adult fiction almost always overcome. Despair and redemption on a grandiose scale that somehow manages to convince me that our challenges here are just really not so bad.


I devour you with an astounding ferocity.

My mind craves you r release from my mundane pain.

An efficient addict, I plan ahead-

Reach for the next fix before I reach the end of this one-

A pile of books beside my head,

I scour the reviews and recommendations-

The New York Times bestsellers-

The NPR interviews.

Your pain is always well deserved.



Wonderfully dramatic yet visible losses

We can believe in.




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