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First Seeds

Posted 1/7/2019 3:19pm by Shiloh Avery.


Welcoming the first seeds with the first sunshine


It is with great hope and optimism that we enter the new year.  It’s this way every year.  It’s just that this year, the new year didn’t begin until Jan 5th when the sun finally came out.  After all, if mother nature doesn’t have to follow the calendar year exactly, neither do we! So…we kicked off 2019 with a gorgeous sunny day that hovered near 60 degrees. We emerged from our impermeable cocoons, kicked off our mud boots and planted the first seeds.

Standing in an empty greenhouse with those tiny seeds in my hand felt like the promise of a rainbow after the flood that was 2018.  Rebirth. Renewal. All the “re”s you can think of.  It was time to turn our backs to the rain and clouds and things that went awry, and take those first steps on our new, well thought out path toward success in 2019. 




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