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Forced Relaxation

Posted 5/20/2014 5:28am by Shiloh Avery.

The beautiful valley (an old picture, but you get the point)

The whippoorwill, which gets a lot of grief around here (for being a late night partier so to speak), is actually kind of pleasant on a warm (suddenly) summer evening at twilight while azalea perfume dances on the breeze. I’ve made it a point to sit on the porch for five minutes this night. Every night, we’ve been working until past dark. When this sort of situation arises, as it inevitably does during the farm season, one has to make a point of relaxation. Even if it’s just five minutes. It sounds counter-intuitive to force recreation, but sometimes that’s just the trick.

We live and work in this beautiful valley teeming with a diversity of life we can’t even name. When you’re going hard with your head down, you can inadvertently miss the good stuff like the mysterious call of the whippoorwill and the perfume of the azalea at twilight on a warm summery evening.


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