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Gratitude Bank

Posted 4/12/2021 10:26am by Shiloh Avery.


I’ve been told that one of the keys to happiness is “practicing gratitude”. I’ve been so filled with gratitude lately that it’s been bubbling over.  Gratitude for the farm, for our crew, for our customers, for the delivery trucks that brave our treacherous driveway, for the natural beauty of NC, for our wonderful neighbors, for good food…I mean, the list goes on.

Which is good because I should be saving up some of that gratitude for a stretch of rainy and cold days.  Because let’s be honest, the weather has been sort of awesome this last week.  We gathered outside with neighbors for a jovial Easter celebration, we’ve been on the river multiple times in week (even in the late afternoon after work!), crops started taking off with the warm weather, etc.  And I have to admit, this favorable weather makes gratitude easier.

It’s the stretches of cold super rainy days, flooding, and hard freezes that prove the usefulness of a “gratitude practice”.  (I love how that sounds like exercise!)  Because that’s the most challenging time for it, but also, probably when we need it most.  So I think I’ll mentally file some of this excess gratitude for the future in a “gratitude bank”.  So next time I need an attitude adjustment, I can make a withdraw (“gr-attitude”).

Harvest share deliveries begin in 3 weeks!  We've only got about 25 shares left, so get yours today.

You can sign up here: http://www.harvie.farm/signup/tumbling-shoals-farm and you can find more information here.

Here's how it works: you sign up and pay for your share now (at least in some part-no need to pay it all at once, although there are benefits to that), set your veggie preferences, and then start receiving a box of the freshest, most delicious, custom harvested and packed veggies beginning in May all the way to mid September!  Our harvest share is now fully customizable so you only get veggies you love (and you're more likely to eat them).  Going on vacation? No problem, put your share on vacation hold. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

The Downtown Hickory Farmers Market opens this Saturday!  We'll be under the sails downtown from 8-1!  We'll also be at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market from 8-1

Here's what we'll have:

Arugula: $4/5-oz compostable container

Hakurei Turnips: $3/bunch

Baby Bok Choy: $3.95/lb

Baby Lettuce Salad mix: $4/5-oz compostable container

Radishes: $2.75/bunch

Spinach: $5/ 1/2-lb bag

Boston-Bibb (buttercrunch lettuce): $3/head

You can pre-order through our new and improved virtual farm stand here: https://www.harvie.farm/farm/tumbling-shoals-farm/shop



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