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Hats, hydration, and humanity

Posted 6/6/2011 8:48pm by Shiloh Avery.
Cory splitting sweet potatoes Shiloh and Jason in broccoli
David in waterfall seat Brooke relaxing with beer

Hats, hydration and humanity (a good swimming hole, a cold brew and a seat in the shade)

Hats, hydration and humanity


Last week in all my “woe is me, whoa it’s hot!” drama, I had people ask me how in the world we survive working outside under the blazing sun when it’s nearly 100 degrees.  It’s a fair question.  It’s been my experience that even if you survive the heat, you still have the minefield of interpersonal relationships to negotiate.  Because let’s face it, when the temperature rises, tempers flare.  So how did we manage to stay a happy little Tumbling Shoals family last week?  Hats, hydration and humanity.  Hats, well, that’s a no-brainer.  Hats, preferably of the big brimmed type, are a necessity.  It’s like a little white lie to yourself: “see, it’s shady and cool under here.”  Hydration, well, it’s weeks like last week when I suspect my body of having a direct route from swallow to sweat.  So we don our little camelbaks and sombreros and march right on out there under that cruel sun despite the circling vultures (I swear there really were vultures circling!).  We really should be on the camelbak payroll since we look like permanent camelbak advertisement (especially if sweat really is sexy!).  Still though, despite hats and hydration, the heat can really just take it out of you.  When your vision burns through the sweat in your eyes to notice everyone staggering around in exhaustion, sometimes it’s just time to pull the plug on that whole work thing and go swimming. I mean really, I think it’s written in the Geneva conventions. A good swimming hole, a cold beer and a seat in the shade.  Now that’s surviving.


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