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Posted 11/16/2016 4:47pm by Shiloh Avery.

This is a common semi-retirement activity

I write a lot about the seasonality of things.  It’s an important part of our lives as farmers, especially this most recent seasonal change that has descended on us.  This is our annual semi-retirement.  It’s the season where we pretend to be retired: we re-join the gym, start playing regular pickleball, watch a lot of movies (we don’t have television, but watching movies is a lot like television), go hiking, eat meals at somewhat normal people times, etc.  

Just as the bitter cold of winter weighs down upon us like wet wool, annual retirement humbles us.  We like to think of ourselves as strong people, carrying the burden of farm work on our backs like mules and persevering.  Translated to retirement, we might think we would kick some proverbial butt.  Alas, imagination is a delightful deceiver.    

The YMCA class, “body pump” (say THAT with a straight face!) was sufficiently humiliating and nullified any image of myself as strong resilient stock.  I returned to that class two days ago and I still can’t ascend the stairs without grunting! And so, it is with a heavy dose of humility that we enter again into these cold winter months and our season of semi-retirement.   


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