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Idea Salad

Posted 1/29/2019 11:08am by Shiloh Avery.

I spent the last week hobnobbing with and learning from the movers and the shakers in the sustainable agriculture community.  Nothing can make you feel as insignificant and ordinary as milling about in this crowd, I tell you. At the same time though, my brain is overflowing with new information and my heart is overflowing with gratitude for the willingness of these giants to share that information with the likes of me!

And now, in the days of coming down from such collective effervescence of a thousand like-minded (ish) agriculturists coming to learn together, I find myself in a tangled jungle of thoughts and ideas.  It becomes difficult to sort them all out in a practical way so that we can implement them on our farm in this season or an upcoming season.  See, the very seasonal nature of our work makes it difficult to implement any new techniques if they come about after the plan is made.  A plan has us already taking step after step along an already forged path and deviation means looking up from the path, risking our footing, while things are coming at us left and right.

But I’m trying to sort it all out and relay it to Jason in small conversations organized around a single topic rather than one giant idea salad.


Because we need the space for spring crops, we have torn out the winter crops and will no longer be attending the winter market.  We are planning for the best season ever in 2019, which requires big space.  We will miss all your smiling hungry faces, but we'll see you in April!

Meanwhile, we are as busy as ever purchasing seeds and supplies and hiring our "farmily" and you could be a part of this by purchasing a harvest share! It works like a subscription where you pay for the season up front (or in increments) so we get the cash flow when we're spending the most money and you get the produce when we're producing the most produce! All the details can be found here, you can sign up here, and you can always contact us with any questions or concerns or to set up a payment plan!



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