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Posted 6/15/2015 3:38pm by Shiloh Avery.


This happened while running errands in town today: saved by pink camo duct tape

These last few weeks are our busiest time of the season. It’s all about endurance. We continually think, plan and move, working toward maximum efficiency. Over the years, we’ve found that we can manage more and more as we develop our farm systems and obtain the correct tools for the multitude of tasks we do here on the farm.  

Sometimes though, that endurance breaks down. It usually happens at the least convenient of times. One of which was last Sunday. Jason got hit hard with some respiratory illness. So I kicked into gear and began moving our to-do list as efficiently as possible. Suddenly flying solo, I figured I’d better tackle my Monday office list in addition to our usual Sunday planning (and house cleaning! It’s amazing how dirty a farm house can get in a week). Seeing the state Jason was in, I assumed I’d be flying solo Monday too. I even planned a meal for me to cook!  

Come Monday though, Jason just couldn’t stay in bed while the farm kept moving. So he was banned from touching any of the produce, but still got other jobs done. Normally on a Monday evening, Jason cooks dinner while I tackle the week’s office pile of bills and receipts, get the records entered, check orders and plan a harvest list for Tuesday.  

Since I figured I’d be cooking that Monday dinner, I did most of that stuff on Sunday. Jason felt good enough to cook dinner so suddenly I found myself without a pile of stuff to do. My wheels were spinning. I was a body in motion. I might even have paced a few times thinking, “I know there’s something I should be doing”. Flabbergasted, I ended up looking up a slow cooker carnitas recipe and prepared taco Tuesday’s pork since we work until 7 on Tuesdays.  



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