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It begins...

Posted 1/26/2015 5:52pm by Shiloh Avery.

It begins....


I was just reading an old blog entry from this time of year which spoke of too much office time resulting in us being way ahead of schedule with taxes, season planning and seed orders, office cleaning and organizing, etc. I cannot fathom how that happened. We have been scrambling all fall and winter long to keep our heads above the “to-do” list water.

We’ve been traveling around cramming our brains full of technical information (not to mention cramming others’ brains full of information with our enhanced teaching schedule this year), attending hours and hours of meetings, and generally ignoring our own “to-do” list. Today was a long awaited catch up day in the office (thank you cold miserable weather!), but I’m sacrificing some greenhouse seeding time in here avoiding the cold wet outside in order to push around my giant pile of papers. But finally, my desk is clean (ish) and I can once again turn my focus toward the actual growing of things.

Part of the reason we’re so behind in our natural flow of winter work is because we have attended two farm conferences this year on near opposite ends of the country: one in cold New York and one in balmy Mobile, Alabama. Conferences are about learning, networking, and inspiration. We come back jazzed about new things to implement on our farm this season.



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