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Know your farmer...

Posted 4/15/2013 5:22pm by Shiloh Avery.
skinning the haygrove skinning the haygrove

"skinning" the tomato umbrella


I attended a workshop on meat production last Friday.  You may have noticed from the full takeover of my photos that we’ve taken on some hog production the season.  There is a potential expansion of Tumbling Shoals Farm on the horizon and we’re considering adding more livestock to the mix.  But that’s a whole different train of thought.  At the end of the workshop, Chef Jay (I can’t remember his last name) from Lucky 32 in Greensboro got up to speak.  I found myself in that awesome state of head nodding validation as he pontificated on integrity drawn in by knowing who you are feeding.  Some of you might remember me expounding on the same thing a couple of years back. The federal department of ag did this whole “know your farmer, know your food” thingy.  Tom Vilsak standing there in his suit and tie—the whole bit.  I believe in that too, don’t get me wrong, but it had me waxing poetic about the benefits of knowing who you are feeding.  Like chef Jay, I believe that knowing the families you grow (or cook) food for brings a whole other level of integrity into the system.  It makes us want to go that extra mile to bring you a special quality product.  Different, I suppose, from boxing it up and sticking in on truck to be mixed in the vast wholesale market to end up on some anonymous plate.


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