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labor of love

Posted 6/29/2010 5:51am by Shiloh Avery.

Dirty Jason
Sometimes we get dirty!

Mid day bears down upon us with definite malice in its eyes and I’m sure it’s going in for the kill.  It’s funny, the things I think about in times like these.  I swear I spent all my energy just wishing for a cloud.  Just one little cloud, or maybe a big one if you can manage it.  Did I say please?  Please!  I know I can forget my manners in times like these.  Someone once said, “If you love your job you never work a day in your life.”  Well…I’m sure that person never farmed in the southeast.  Nope, definitely not.  This is truly a labor of love for us, but ask me at high noon if it’s labor and I’ll let ya’ll fill in the answer there.  Spare no creativity.  But then the evening rolls around and the evening breezes carry the steady meteorologist’s promise of a cool down this week.  I bite into a cool cucumber and forget all about it.  I look up from my work and see the agricultural valley bathed in the grey light of evening, brimming with promise.  Go ahead and sigh with me here….ahhh, another day’s work behind us.  And the sense of satisfaction that descends with the sun that we did, in fact, avoid death again today.



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