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Lastly, looking forward

Posted 10/29/2012 5:17pm by Shiloh Avery.

Jason mowing chard
Jason harvesting ALL of the chard before the last market

Usually this time of year I’m tired, lazy and sort of praying for frost.  Then we rest for a few weeks before we begin planning the next season.  But a perfect storm (not Sandy) has me already in an excited dither for next year.  First of all, after some sort of expansion and capital investment every year since beginning, we had decided last year that this was to be a “no new projects/infrastructure” year.  Which was great!  It had us a little more relaxed and concentrating on improving current systems.  And secondly, I just returned from a sustainable agriculture conference in Greenville, SC that was full of education and inspiration both.  So now I’m all excited to talk about and plan our next big thing, especially if it means I can hang out inside by the fire until this whole Sandy thing blows out of town.




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