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Let them eat ice cream!

Posted 5/8/2017 7:49pm by Shiloh Avery.


That sky and strawberry ice cream are good for our souls


Today, my need for dessert superseded my need for a clean house.  Can you blame me?  I got tired of pitching damaged but still somewhat edible strawberries into the compost because I had no time “to deal with them.”  So today, I switched teams.  I am usually on the “crossing things off the list” team, but not today.  Today I played for the “culinary pleasures team.”  Today, I made strawberry gelato with a vanilla-balsamic swirl.  

Because sometimes the farm can overwhelm us.  Especially in the spring. Sundays morph into division-of-labor-let’s-get-as-much-done-as-possible days and there’s no reprieve until November.  It becomes more important than ever to stop and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Because if not, what’s the point?  Well, aside from feeding y’all, that is.  And surely you would join me in saying, “let them eat ice cream”.





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