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Many Hats

Posted 10/25/2010 8:41pm by Shiloh Avery.
Shiloh in cooler  


I do declare I have a thing for hats!

Which is serendipitously good since

A farmer has to wear many hats.

Though I never intended, I sometimes find myself clad in a plumber’s hat;

The same could be said for the electrician’s cap.

Shiloh trenching

It’s the nature of the job, these accidental hats.

Once a week I like to try on a photographer’s hat,

A writer’s cap-

(A tweed beret I’m sure),

And in the office on a cold and rainy day

I need my thinking cap!

Why, I need a whole shed for all these hats!

Shiloh at market

Today, it was a rain hat for me,

Tomorrow, I’ll don a sun hat with glee!

When the season begins as well as when it ends,

A wool cap fits best.

Shiloh in winter

But Saturday afternoon, once we’ve bid each other  a temporary goodbye,

I’ll put on the best hat of all:

My beach vacation hat!

See you at Thanksgiving!




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