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March Madness

Posted 3/18/2013 3:16pm by Shiloh Avery.

farm under blankets
The farm under blankets (which really love the wind, I might mention;))


You may have noticed that I sort of disappeared from the virtual world for a bit.  It’s just that the real world grabbed me for a whirlwind dance for a while.  The weather whips around our heads (sometimes quite literally) like an angry insect and we get dizzy attempting to plan around its whims.  The day’s plans change quickly and we’re constantly in motion.  Every March we reach our management capacity. Inevitably, something gets neglected.  This year it was the pho.  Pho is a delicious Vietnamese brothy soup that involves boiling bones for a long time.  We started it in the morning.  While we were scrambling to get plants in the ground, row covers on baby plants, fields prepared for further planting, new plants seeded in the greenhouse, etc., somehow, we forgot about the pho.  The light began to wane and we headed up to the house in anticipation of our delicious supper, only to find the house filled to the brim with smoke.  Indeed.  In the madness of March, we burnt the soup.  A night out at the local taco joint, a few days of open windows, a virtual ton of laundry, and a deep cleaning and the house is fine.  We have only a couple of more weeks of the whirlwind dance until the first of our seasonal employees arrive to rescue us from the madness.  We are counting down the days until we are four rather than two.



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